The solutions are simpler than you think!

Would you like less stress and to get rid of thoughts that interfere with a good night’s sleep?
Or do you need better balance between work and private life?

Get smoother flow with more flexible solutions to daily challenges.

The ConsciousnessTraining course gives you simple techniques, which give lasting and fast results.

Lectures + Mental exercises + Techniques = A simple recipe for what you want!

(more time – problems solved – a stress-free daily life!)

Some of what you can easily access after a course:

A challenging daily life led to ConsciousnessTraining

The Founder Deborah Borgen

In 1986 I brutally hit the wall, and that got me started on my path to develop ConsciousnessTraining. The reasons I hit the wall were traumatic experiences, much stress in daily life and a lack of knowledge about how we humans function.

As a financial manager and with an analytical perspective, I started my search for answers about how to live a good life, where I could cope with daily tasks and challenges with inner peace.

A truly unique and guided training in just two days

Using lectures and mental exercises, the brain is trained to a strengthened network. This means that you will have a stronger ability to use analysis with creativity and intuition.

It gives you access to a whole new dimension within yourself, giving you immediate results.

  • You do not need to take notes
  • You don’t need to share anything about yourself or your own life
  • As a participant, you do not have to perform or be tested

All you have to do is to attend all hours of the course!

The basic course in ConsciousnessTraining runs over a weekend from 10am to 7pm both days.

The lower age limit is 18 years or 16 years with parents’ or guardians written consent.

Course fee: ONLY £ 390 – for 2 full days

In addition, you get:

ConsciousnessTraining London 2021

Date and time:

Saturday 10/23/2021 –
Sunday 10/24/2021

10 AM – 7 PM


London– location coming later


Lena Eriksen – Instructor
Lena Eriksen


We are committed to follow the authorities’ current guidelines and advice in regards to COVID 19, so that everyone can feel safe and enjoy the course. Once you have registered for a course, you will be notified immediately if there are changes in the guidelines that will influence the event.

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