Our modules are for all kinds of companies and organizations.

In the modules, the emphasis is on reducing stress, which in turn leads to increased efficiency and greater job satisfaction.

The individual gets specific and useful tools for own development, to cope with stress, adversity and dealing difficult situations in a better way.

There are three modules that are created based upon the basic course in DB-System®.

A healthier business

Employees that don’t get stressed, work more effectively and dare to think outside the box.

Norwegians are among those in Europe who are most stressed at work, according to a survey by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA). Stress can lead to reduced ability to perform work tasks and daring to think in new ways is also reduced due to fear of the reactions of others. Stress is often caused by the pressure of expectations that we believe we are exposed to. Over time, stress can lead to physical and mental health problems that can result in sick leave and absence from the workplace, according to The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes burnout as a result of work-related stress. A stressed and sick staff is a less efficient staff.

Let the modules lead the way to a healthier workplace with well-being and job satisfaction!

Modul 1: Reduce stress and manage time effectively

The first thing that employees learn at Module 1 is to get rid of stress and become more effective. They will complete assignments faster and with better results, while remaining calm and less stressed.

This module helps to counteract stress-related illnesses such as depression, anxiety and sleeplessness. The training done at the course allows employees to build a state of mind called High Performance – in this state of mind one works calmly but effectively, without being affected by stress.

  • Understand what stress is and why we get stressed
  • Deal with stress
  • See solutions and think differently
  • Gain better balance between work and leisure time
  • Effective self-guidance, to be secure about one’s own decisions
  • Sort out thoughts
  • Focus on the tasks at hand
  • Create a “High Performance room″

Module 2: Motivation that gives results

Innovative, different and original thinking is what employees learn at Module 2. They also learn about inner motivation and drive.

Employees that are motivated get things done and perform better in addition to enjoying themselves at work, is shown by more and more studies. When a business has a clear vision that the employees identify with, together with clear goals, the employees become motivated to increase work performance and think outside the box. This means better results for the business.

  • To become aware of the thoughts that help attain goals
  • How to interpret gut feelings
  • Visions and goals
  • Why think outside the box
  • To leave the pack and be different
  • To dare to stand out in a crowd

Modul 3: Modige ansatte løfter bedriften til nye høyder

At Module 3 the employees learn to shed fears related to trying new things, and to handle unexpected situations with composure.

This module focuses on clear strategies and good choices and decisions that are used to achieve High Performance state of mind. In addition, this module focuses on quality sleep, something that is important for more efficient use of time while awake.

  • A technique for improved sleep quality
  • A technique for releasing fear
  • To change their autopilot
  • To increase their adaptability
  • To deal with complex current problems
  • To self-regulate emotions
  • Relation competence and cooperation

Each module takes 3 hours, which effectively and efficiently gives the participants development- and work tools to better deal with stress, adversity and difficult situations. At the same time, they help to provide good balance between work and leisure time.

The modules build upon each other, so the participants must attend module 1 before 2, and then module 3.

The modules can be adapted to the company’s needs and have a capacity of 50 employees.

It is also possible to hold a complete basic course in the DB-System® for companies.

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