My thoughts and experiences after attending Unique Mind ESP courses

My childhood was marked by poor self-esteem and inferiority complex, therefore I  learned to consider myself to be dumb! This has resulted in stress since childhood, anxiety attacks of fearing death (I didn’t dare go to sleep. I was afraid I wouldn’t wake up), no self-confidence. 

As an adult I was often depressed, had unidentified headaches, everything felt stressful and I ”hit the wall” in 2016. My quality of life was gone. I was on sick leave and quit eating. Two of my friends sent me to the course and I was very sceptical to it. I had tried everything, but nothing helped.

Already on Saturday evening things started to happen. My mood improved and the pain disappeared gradually. On Sunday I felt like a new person and after repeating the course, things really started to happen.

I changed and everything became so much better. I managed to control my thoughts. I have confidence in myself, self-worth, I speak out about how I want my life to be.

I can partly remove pain with my thoughts. Fear of death, stress, headaches, depressions are gone and if negative thoughts appear, I deal with them. After the stress disappeared, so has the ”IBS – irritable bowel syndrome”. I have peace of mind, where I used to have so many thoughts churning in my mind. Back and forth. In and out. Never a peaceful moment.

I have harmony and peace! I’ve got a new life.

Unique Mind ESP – ConsciousnessTraining has improved my quality of life!

Lovely greetings Bolette

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I changed radically

I have changed radically since the first time you met me. I notice how I am in every way more secure, whole, happy and a better person. This is surely related to great lifestyle changes I made after I became ill in the winter of 2011 and started eating decent, nutritious food, but it is also very apparent that the way my mind functions has radically changed.

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Everything is possible

I’d like to share some of my experience after my first ConsciousnessTraining I™ in 2011. I’ve suffered from Tinnitus (ringing in the ears), resulting in dizziness. My first course was in September 2011, and the weekend gave me more than I had imagined. Getting into balance and bringing forth my own inner strength has helped me, and the dizzy spells have almost disappeared after using the Nightfilm technique regularly.

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Four years ago, as an adult, I was diagnosed with ADHD and ADD. It was a relief, as I then understood why I’ve always been so restless and have always had so very many thoughts in my head. Living with ADHD is “non-stop”! One gets to be indescribably tired of living with this for many years.

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