Courses for Private individuals


People who feel that they can handle small and big challenges have a sense of security and mastering which provides a good quality of life.

The course strengthens and prevents good physical and mental health. Stress is reduced, and with simple techniques to utilize in daily life, you gain increased calmness, mastering and joy. You find solutions you need, and things fall into place. This gives you more energy and more leisure time for what you want.

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Courses for Health and Emergency Services

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Being competent in a job is more than being up-to-date and enthusiastic. It is also a matter of effective self-care, in order to avoid that subconscious stress accumulate. This is what a course in ConsciousnessTraining can offer.

In Health and emergency services, stress factors are part of the profession and are not solvable by outside measures.

The course ConsciousnessTraining is a new and efficient method for stress management and self-care.

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Courses for Businesses

Work-related stress is a source of burnout, depression and sick leaves.

The ConsciousnessTraining course from Unique Mind ESP helps employees become less stressed, more effective and dare to think outside the box.

The course for businesses is a pro-active way to maintain the physical and mental health of employees.

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Camilla Berg-Naglic