DB-System® – opens a network of possibilities

“Everyone has unused potential that we can bring forth to get the best out of life”


The DB-System® is scientifically documented, and is built on Deborah Borgen’s philosophy of life.

Her system is considered an effective method for managing everyday tasks and challenges.

Everyone has inherent resources we can use to lead ourselves to a meaningful and good life.

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DB-System® has three scientific publications. Two in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience and one in Frontiers in Psychiatry.

The research shows functional changes in the brain, and after the course you can make changes while in your own home, without guidance from a therapist.

Those who choose to participate in our courses can be confident about getting results.

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Basic course

The basic course trains you to achieve balance between emotions and thinking, which is of great importance for how we handle daily life and for our quality of life.

You learn about how we function as human beings, and learn techniques you can use to lead yourself to a meaningful and good life.

When the stress in the brain is reduced and intuition becomes stronger, you have more presence of mind in your own life.

Intuition plays an important role in daily life. You can listen within and find solutions that give your life meaning – and feel joy and satisfaction with life!

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We emphasize reducing stress, which in turn leads to increased efficiency and greater job satisfaction.

Individuals learn concrete and useful tools for their own development, to cope with stress, adversity and difficult situations in a better way.

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Relaxation Exercise

– A state of inner calmness with the basic  exercise in DB-System®.

The Relaxation Exercise gives good restitution to the body, and resets the brain to a natural, calm state.

It helps us to release stress and gives peace of mind.

The exercise is easy to perform and regularly use gives you good results.


Camilla Berg-Naglic

Before I started at this course I tried many different things, […]

It wasn’t until I started working with the techniques I learned here that I really saw results and changes.”

– Camilla