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“Everyone has unused potential that we can bring forth to get the best out of life”


The DB-System® opens a network of possibilities and is built on Deborah Borgen’s philosophy of life.

Her method is scientifically documented, and is considered an effective method for, among other things, managing everyday tasks and challenges

Everyone has unused potential.

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It is important to us to provide documentation of the effect of DB-System®.

DB-System® has two scientific publications in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience and one in Frontiers in Psychiatry.

Those who choose to participate in our courses can be confident about getting results.

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Basic course

The basic course is a combination of meditation, relaxation, mental training, consciousness training and cognitive techniques that provide increased peace of mind, mastering and joy.

It provides a tool for dealing with stress and life’s challenges, using two simple techniques.

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Our modules are for all kinds of companies and organizations.

In the modules, the emphasis is on reducing stress, which in turn leads to increased efficiency and greater job satisfaction.

The individual gets concrete and good tools for own development, to cope with stress, adversity and dealing difficult situations in a better way.

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Unique Mind ESP

In December 2021 we changed the name from ConsciousnessTraining™ to DB-System®. In the video below you can watch the history of our development.

Do you want to know more about who we are? Get to know us here.

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