Testimonial: Helps ADHD/ADD. Woman stretching in the nature.


Four years ago, as an adult, I was diagnosed with ADHD and ADD. It was a relief, as I then understood why I’ve always been so restless and have always had so very many thoughts in my head. Living with ADHD is “non-stop”! One gets to be indescribably tired of living with this for many years.

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Testimonial: Everything became so much better. Girl raising her arms embracing the sunrise.

Everything became so much better

I changed and everything became so much better.

I managed to control my thoughts. I have confidence in myself, self-worth, I speak out about how I want my life to be.

I can partly remove pain with my thoughts.
Fear of death, stress, headaches, depressions are gone and if negative thoughts appear, I deal with them.

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