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Founder's philosophy of change

Philosophy of change

The answer to human beings’ suffering is right in front of our noses! In this article, Deborah Borgen describes the essence of her philosophy of change.

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Blog: Bucket List – I've got two questions for you

Bucket list – I have two questions for you

Are you happy? Do you make others happy? Some will recognize these two slightly rewritten questions from the movie The Bucket List. According to that story, this was the questions the Egyptians were asked when they met the gods on the other side.

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Blog Founders Journey – Deborah Borgen

Founder’s Journey

Founder’s Journey is a short summary of the journey I’ve travelled in order to live a good life. I share my thoughts on my philosophy of life which is the basis for the course I created in 2009 – the basic course in DB-System®.

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Blog: The many faces of stage fright

The many faces of stage fright

We experience stage fright in different settings. It is always a negative feeling that is important to address seriously, so that we can actually remove it and feel better and not have to hide behind “white” lies.

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Blog: Life consists of all phases in life

Life consists of all phases – life, death and everything in between

The feeling of not mastering enough comes sneaking up. We judge ourselves harshly because we feel like a failure if we can’t manage to do all that we’ve said we would do. Thoughts and feelings like those keep us from setting great goals in life. We don’t allow ourselves to pause and prioritize, but feel we must charge forward all the time.

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Blog: Humans – the hidden, ticking bomb

Humans – the hidden, ticking bomb

She continued to tell her story, in a whisper. Tears flowed freely over her cheeks and her chin, and she wiped them away with her sleeve. “I just wanted to help and be kind, but it was always misunderstood and wrong. I asked God for help too, but he never came.” She paused… “Instead I was sent away to get help, but I did not receive help. It was rather abuse of a child,

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Blog: The brain does exactly what it is told to do. The Mental Iceberg

The brain does exactly what it is told to do

“The brain does exactly what it is told to do,” also when we are overcome by emotions at our subconscious level. I was very afraid of elevators because I learned at an early age that the elevator could get stuck and then it would be hard to breathe.

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Blog: An alternative to sleeping pills. A good night sleep by using Nightfilm

An alternative to sleeping pills

Once more a new drug is produced that treats symptoms instead of causes. We need to learn to cope with stress and worries, or we will end up with a society where everyone must take pills for something or other.

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Blog: Forgiveness – the key to inner peace

Forgiveness – the key to a good life

. I had stored a lot of hate and hurt feelings during my life that I realized were eating me up from the inside. However, forgiving someone who had caused me pain was a very high threshold for me to climb over, very high indeed. To be honest, I became provoked when anyone talked about the subject.

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Blog When a guilty conscience tears away at us

When a guilty conscience tears away at us

We set high standards for ourselves, and that contributes to having a guilty conscience. For example, we have expectations about eating right, exercising enough, being there for children, family and friends as well as taking care of our work and home. All that we want to or ought to do that we don’t have time or perhaps enough energy to do. We feel pulled in several directions, creating a high level of stress in life.

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Blog What goes on inside our heads?

What goes on inside our heads?

When I grew up, no one taught me how to cope with all that life may consist of from joys to sorrow, large and small challenges or problems at home or elsewhere. The past week has made it even clearer to me how important that is, and I’m not talking about treating symptoms or superficially.

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A vision for life

When someone rolls their eyes and pats you on the head, you need to stand strong. This behavior is probably the most disguised bullying of another person, the type that results in people losing their self-esteem and belief that they can. That is why one of my goals is to strengthen each and every individual.

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Blog: Let every single day be an active day for raising awareness about our own values

Let every single day be an active day for raising awareness about our own values

What I say is that we should raise our awareness about how we influence the world around us every single day, and not just on one particular day. Our thoughts and behavior come from attitudes buried in our subconscious, and this is where you and I need to do something about it. Attitude changes don’t happen by themselves; you and I must be willing to raise our awareness about values that lead to good choices and actions.

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Blog Conscious development: It can't be that easy

“It can’t be that easy”

This may sound complicated, but after almost 30 years of my own development and testing, I’ve found a simple concept. To make sure that this method works, I asked researchers to look for the results we can expect to gain from DB-System®.

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