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Lena Eriksen

The first time I met Deborah and her philosophy in 2005 was an a-ha(!) experience. Almost unreal! It seemed as though she talked directly to me, and everything she said felt so right for me. She taught me that life was more than just superficial appearances and material things. Today I feel inner peace and joy, and I cope with challenges I would have run away from earlier. It’s completely unique!

I previously believed that happiness came from success at work, money and material things. I had success at work, a good salary, but nonetheless I felt inner stress. I suffered from compulsive thoughts and physical symptoms, and my life was a great challenge, with inner chaos. I used the techniques I had learned at the course, and got better day by day. Compulsive thoughts and stress disappeared, and slowly but surely, I could see new opportunities that appeared.

In July 2010 I read on the Unique Mind ESP website that they were seeking new instructors worldwide. I contacted Deborah, even though this still felt a little scary. She gave me a warm welcome, and she showed me how I could reach my goals and live my vision.

I can with my hand on my heart say that it hasn’t been easy, but this is the best thing I ever could have chosen. As a certified instructor, I moved to England in 2012, and that which I thought was impossible, became possible. Today I live my vision of contributing to a better world. We all have possibilities to do what seems impossible.

I look forward to meeting you at a course.

Marianne Borgen

I had been searching for the meaning of life for a long time,

Grade school and middle school had been a very tough time in my life. The feeling of mastering and my self-confidence was poor. These years left me with much inner stress and wounds that I brought with me into my adult life.

My meeting with Deborah Borgen was a turning point in my life. It wasn’t until I was an adult, I understood the connection between the conscious and subconscious mind. I got techniques I could use to make changes myself, and my feeling of mastering and self-confidence was strengthened.

My dream is that everyone learns how we function mentally as early as possible in life, and that means that adults need to be trained.

Adults are role models for children and youth, and they are the ones who can give them this insight.

This is my vision, and I’m passionate about it!

I’m looking forward to meeting you at a course!


Børre Nyborg

After graduating as a Master of Science in Marketing from BI, Norwegian Business School, I worked for several years as a leader in sales and distribution, helping to build businesses and create jobs. Although this was interesting, I started searching for something more. This something felt like it was beyond what I could see clearly, but by coincidence I attended a lecture. It was about how we develop and that we can learn self-help techniques to master both the ups and downs in our own lives. I had been to courses and lectures before, but this lecture struck me in a very special way. It made sense, it was logical and very inspiring. The lecture was given by Deborah Borgen.

I attended the course referred to in the lecture, and afterwards I have had more success in my life than I could ever dream of. Many people have something in their childhood they would rather have been without, and I was one of them. Finally, I could do something about it myself, and get lasting results. One may say that I got a new outlook on the world. I got rid of a high level of stress, poor sleep and poor relationships. A more or less chaotic daily life, was transformed into a life with calmness, overview, and energy.

When I got the opportunity to be and instructor at Unique Mind ESP, I said yes please, with both hands. It has been, and still is an amazing journey. The published research results about ConsciousnessTraining confirms what I have experienced within myself, and feedback I’ve heard from many course participants.  It feels good to take charge of one’s own life, having a feeling of mastering and knowing that even if life has adversity and successes, the results we can create are almost unbelieveable, whether it is at home or at work

I look forward to meeting you at a course.


Toril Nymoen

The moment I met Deborah I knew what I was going to do with the rest of my life. That was a life-changing day in 1995. Her insight and life philosophy went right to my heart. She felt that all humans are unique and have the same great possibilities and resources within themselves. Magical!

My life had no goals or meaning before I met Deborah, because I had so little faith in myself. “This is the way I am, and nothing can be done about it.” But I was wrong about that. For the first time in my life I believed in myself, and that I could make lasting changes and gain a feeling of mastering.

My new belief in my own resources and strength made me glow with enthusiasm and a strong desire to contribute. My path has developed while I walked it. I started working at the office and experienced much personal growth there. Then I was given an opportunity to be trained and certified as an instructor for the Unique Mind ESP courses for children and teens. This was a long haul for me, but I knew that I couldn’t let go of that opportunity.

Now I am beaming with satisfaction about the path I have followed, and because I can use myself in a good way for the human community.

I enthusiastically look forward to being a part of Unique Mind ESP’s new initiative for children and teens. It will enable children and teens to gain faith in their own resources, and a feeling that they can cope with their lives in a good way. They will feel secure early in life and be able to stand securely for their own choices.

Norhild Johannesen

I met Deborah for the first time in 2007. This was a special experience for me. At last I just knew that I had met a person who could give me insight I could use to change my own life. Just fantastic!

I understood, with help from the deep training and goal-oriented techniques, that I was now able to fulfil my dreams. The poor self-confidence that had worn me down as a child and that had been with me in my adult life, could now be removed in a goal-oriented way.

In 2010, when Deborah made it known that she was looking for an instructor for children, I felt enormous joy in my heart at the thought of sharing these simple techniques that had helped me to a new life. I had myself gained access to possibilities that I had not known that I had. Today I am thankful to be a certified children’s instructor for Unique Mind ESP. The techniques I learned helped me on the path to achieving my greatest dream.

Unique Mind ESP’s new initiative towards children and youth is something that really inspires me. I look forward to passing on joy and knowledge about possibilities to children, so that they may quickly remove their limitations, see their own possibilities and become secure adults.

My vision is that all children have an opportunity to see who they are and the possibilities that are theirs, and with ConsciousnessTraining I do just that!

I look forward to meeting the young ones at a course!

Dorothee Tettweiler

As a child, I dreamed of becoming an archaeologist, because I wanted to dig deeply and understand connections. At the same time, I had a strong desire to understand the world and our development.

Little did I know that what I am going to do today is about the same thing. Go into the depths of humans, to understand the context of why we do what we do. What is it that decides our behaviour, and what is the connection behind our behaviour? With such an understanding, I can help others to understand themselves and move on in life.

As an occupational therapist in Germany and a social worker in Norway, I have worked with children and young people on behavioural issues, and also as a social worker at a crisis center (a shelter for battered women) in Trondheim. This is where I met Deborah and became familiar with ConsciousnessTraining through a project we were planning.

During this time, many pieces fell into place, both in my own life and for understanding contexts I have been looking for since I was young. The fact that we ourselves can change behaviour, and reach a greater potential within ourselves, contributed to strengthening my dream of giving others greater understanding. Not only an understanding, but also concrete techniques for changing behaviour, which makes it easier to move on after traumatic experiences in life.

I discovered that by using ConsciousnessTraining, I can as a therapist provide even better help, while also having more concrete techniques to offer.

Through the project in Trondheim, we also developed a course: “From violence to a life in safety”. The course was developed for women exposed to violence in close relationships and is a valuable contribution to self-help.

This is work that I look forward to being able to convey and make available to municipalities and other shelters for battered women in Norway.

Svein André Jørgensborg

The path leading to ConsciousnessTraining has been quite a journey. I chose electronics and IT in high school and vocational school, but the only subjects that aroused my interest during these four years were people oriented. After 11 years in the IT business, everything came to a halt.

Being burned out became my way out of the IT business, and I started studying social care for youths, and later social work. Two fantastic and educational studies that really gave me a feeling of being at home professionally, but I learned little about balancing my life.

I started working in the field of mental health and substance abuse, as a housing supervisor and later as a substance abuse consultant. This was exciting, challenging and rewarding work, but it wasn’t until I attended a course with Deborah, that I had an aha experience.

At last I understood more about how I function as a human being, and why I had run out of energy and became burned out. I also learned tools to do something about it!

As part of the process of finding balance and energy in life, I have now returned to my original goal of working with children and youth.

In relation to that goal, I have had the pleasure of joining Unique Mind ESP in the development of certification for the use of ConsciousnessTraining in working with vulnerable children and youth.

This will help those who work with vulnerable children and youth to better understanding, coping and exercising good self-care, and will thereby also benefit the children they work with. Which fits well with my vision of helping vulnerable children and youth to experience life mastering skills and to live a good daily life.

This gives me great joy in addition to inspiring me to continue my own self-development.

Jeanette Bredsten

From following everyone else, stress about everything from planning work schedules and assignments to holidays, and to do everything I thought that everyone else and the society expected I should and had to do – to now, where I can create calmness in daily life, comfort and secure myself, do what I am passionate about and have techniques to handle what life throws at me is amazing. It doesn’t only give me security, but also safety. I have achieved all of this just by training my whole brain in a new way, and by utilizing our resources and potential.

Already after the first course I could feel that my chaotic mind became more quiet, my unnecessary thoughts disappeared, I became calmer and I started to believe a bit more in myself. It was first after the second course (repeating) and when I started to use the techniques, I had learned, that the real transformation started in my life. Amongst all the things I have experienced, one thing is clear, and that is that we have to do something differently, to get the change.

When we have peace of mind, and don’t stress, we will be better listeners. We can listen to the solutions and ideas that comes, have energy and mental strength to convert solutions and ideas into action (to do) and better communicate with our self and others. This benefits everyone, everywhere – at work, in our leisure time and at home. That’s why I’m an instructor and I look forward to seeing you at a course!