FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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The basic course consist of lectures and mental exercises.

The main themes are as follows:

  • The structure of the brain – what you must know
  • Good quality sleep – a health benefit
  • The secret to flexible solutions
  • Understand your inner navigation – fulfill what you really want
  • The inner dialogue – how to change what stops you
  • Communication – understand and be understood

As a participant you do not need to perform in any way or share information about yourself. The group is trained together.

You have to be present at all the course sessions.

  • We are in a venue with chairs set up theatre style
  • Lectures take place in sessions of about 1.5 hours each, with breaks between each session.
  • There are mental exercises where you:
    • Close your eyes and listen to the exercise that is read
    • Your thoughts are used actively during the exercise to train the brain.

At the course you learn techniques that allow you to continue to train the brain yourself, and this is called self-guided training.

As part of this training, a new form of meditation is used, which the researchers in the latest published article call Self-Guided Imagery in Meditation (SIM).

Meditation is only a small part of the training you receive in DB-System®. You are trained to use meditation levels while awake, and in a different way than previously in order to use more of your potential to handle daily tasks.

You do not need to prepare anything. Other than to arrange your schedule to allow for a pleasant weekend class.

No, no prior knowledge is required.

DB-System® is not about religion or other beliefs, but about how you and I, regardless of our beliefs, can create a better life for ourselves and others.

This is a training of the brain in a systematic way to optimize and strengthen the brain’s functions. It enhances mental health and quality of life, and enable us to lead our lives based on what we want, regardless of our beliefs.

Course fee:
Course fee for courses held in United Kingdom: £ 390 – repetition: £ 70
Course fee for courses held in USA: US$ 420 – repetition: US$ 80

For more details see our Basic Course

  • A compendium where the techniques are described
  • Diploma upon completing the course
  • Repetition card – the right to repeat the course as many times as you would like for a special repetition price
  • Free access to guidance in videos from founder

As humans, we are constantly developing. When you go home after the first course, the basic course will begin to have its effect and you will continue a more conscious development. This means that you will eventually see and hear things in a new way.

Every course gives you new knowledge and insight, and in addition you will continue to strengthen the brains functions.

Yes, as long as they complete the course, the brain has had positive and physical lasting changes.

Scientific research done on DB-System® shows an immediate effect. The research also shows that by using the two simple techniques you will get an additional effect.

You decide for your self how much time you want to spend on the techniques. In daily life you only need to take a deep breath with your eyes open to find the calmness you need in different situations you meet.

No matter where you are or how well you are doing you will get a functional change in the brain.

The course is considered favourable for healthy people.  

It provides an increased quality of life and has a preventive effect for good physical and mental health.

Our participants are women and men of all ages, in all walks of life and occupations.