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Here you find the scientific articles published based on DB-System®. A summary of the main results can be found here.

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Svetla Velikova, Haldor Sjaaheim and Bente Nordtug

Published January 12th 2017 in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience

Being guided through imagining and visualization techniques is widespread in modern cognitive therapy. The use of meditation has also become more and more common in therapeutic approaches.

In this study and for the first time, the effect of self-guided positive imagery training and at-home training using Self-guided Imagery in Meditation was investigated.

Some main conclusions are that the basic course in DB-System® can promote mental well-being, promote the ability to self-regulate and prevent depression.

You can find the published article here

Frontiers Science News: Teach yourself everyday happiness with imagery training

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Svetla Velikova and Bente Nordtug

Published January 9th 2018 in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience

In this study, the researchers investigated whether the basic course in DB-System®, in addition to having an effect on emotional well-being, also has an effect on cognitive functions. Tests were carried out that, among other things, examined memory functions, cognitive flexibility and social understanding.

The research confirmed the findings of the first study (emotional well-being). It also indicates that the brain undergoes functional changes that provide an improvement in cognitive functions.

Improving emotional well-being and cognitive functions is useful for healthy people who study, work and go to school. It can therefore be a useful tool in personal development in general. In the article, they discuss whether the training also can have a positive effect in the treatment of mental disorders and brain disorders.

You can find the published article here

Article – Nord University: Brain Training against depression

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Olaug Julie Aasan, Hildfrid Vikkelsmo Brataas and Bente Nordtug

Published February 17th 2022 in Frontiers in Psychiatry

A good relationship between therapist and patient is of significant importance for the effect of the treatment. In this qualitative study, the aim was to investigate and describe healthcare professionals’ experiences regarding handling countertransference using Self-Guided Imagery in Meditation from the program DB-System®.

The participants in the study reported that they became better at dealing with personal vulnerability, setting clearer boundaries and practicing self-care. This led to an experience of establishing better relationships with the patients.

A main conclusion was that health personnel became better at handling countertransference. This is about how the therapist’s own unresolved internal conflicts can affect the patient relationship, which in turn affects the effect of the treatment.

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