The Founder

The Founder Deborah Borgen

Deborah Borgen

In 1986 I brutally hit the wall, and that got me started on my path to develop DB-System®. The reasons I hit the wall were traumatic experiences, much stress in daily life and a lack of knowledge about how we humans function.

At school I learned little about life itself, and even less about how I could live a good life and cope with situations I encounter along the way.

Society taught me about what I could do based on a limited way of thinking. I had to stay within rules and standards – or else I was not like everyone else:
– not kind enough
– not good enough
– not smart enough
– unworthy
– and the “who do you think you are” attitude was all too prevalent.

Deborah as an individual disappeared

As a financial manager and with an analytical perspective, I started my search for answers about how to live a good life, where I could cope with daily tasks and challenges with inner peace.

DB-System® is the result of 24 years of my own development and systematic work. I compiled the insight and knowledge I had gained into a new way of training the brain with simple techniques. This has changed my own personal life completely; from a hopeless, stressful and depressing daily life to a life where my normal state is one of calmness and joy, where I cope with challenges on short notice, see new possibilities in unexpected situations and constantly renew my energy levels.

What drives me is a desire to get as many people as possible to make use of DB-System® to prevent burnout, learn to cope with stress and opposition, and create a better society. I found that when I myself felt responsible for my own feelings and reactions, that was a great step forward in my own development. I used the techniques to process traumatic experiences in my life, so that I could be present in the world without anger, hate and bitterness towards people who had hurt me.

In today’s society we are expected to constantly achieve, while we simultaneously keep up a good front by having a nice home, good looks and a good job. On the outside we continually make adjustments to meet new demands, while we forget about what goes on inside.

Research show that when we train the whole brain, we create new connections between the two brain hemispheres, so that we think better and more efficiently in our daily lives. Intuition, creativity and empathy become more easily available to us. We become calmer and have greater understanding of how we can create good solutions – for ourselves and others. When we use more of our inner resources, we find better solutions, also in cooperation with others. Our innate intelligence serves us well, with balance between our outer and inner lives.

This is important in a day and age with great challenges ahead in our own lives and in society at large. With new understanding of how we function as humans, and how we can train our brain, we are able to communicate well across religions, cultures, ethnicity and geographical differences.

No matter who you are, you can make use of the brain’s capacity to improve your life, your relationships, and become an individual who creates better solutions in cooperation with others.

We become strong individuals in a strong community.

Signature Deborah Borgen – Founder Unique Mind ESP® and DB-System®

Deborah Borgen