Founder Deborah Borgen

Founder, philosopher and pioneer in consciousness training, mental training and understanding conscious and subconscious mechanisms and processes in humans. Founder of Unique Mind ESP and Deborah Borgen’s Foundation.

Deborah Borgen was born in 1960 in Canada, but grew up in Oslo, Norway. She has a degree in economics from BI School of Business and has previously worked as a financial manager in the construction industry.

Her own near-death experiences revealed to her the code for unlimited powers of the mind, which she today teaches and train others to use.

“I want to give people hope – and uplift them so that they can see their own potential and use their own resources. Resources that enable us to create a better daily life for ourselves and others – without being stuck in old beliefs and experiences.
If I can, everyone can!”

Deborah Borgen is known for having developed the scientifically documented and internationally published system DB-System® (formerly known as ConsciousnessTrainingTM). Also referred to as Borgen’s method and Borgen’s mental training program.

The meditation form SIM (Self-guided Imagery in Meditation) is part of the DB-System®. People who are trained to use SIM can themselves, at home in their own living room, make changes to unfavorable thought patterns, old beliefs and experiences, without a therapist.

She is also one of the world’s foremost experts on the intuitive sensory apparatus, also known as our ESP sense (extra sensory perception). For more than 16 years, she studied and further developed the understanding of the ESP sense, so she could train people to strengthen and understand the intuitive sensory apparatus.


Deborah Borgen has participated in the TV-series Sensing Murder and The Power of Spirits, as well as contributed as an expert and advisor in the TV-series and the concept Psychic Challenge, which was sold to more than 19 countries.

“The reason I joined these series was because I wanted to show that everyone has gut feelings and intuition – an ESP sense that we must learn to use in our daily life. Our gut feelings and intuition are a completely natural part of us, and our most important resource for a good life! Our intuition is also a prerequisite for our creativity,” Deborah emphasizes.

Recovery and healing

Deborah Borgen also worked with healing for more than five years. Part of what she wanted to explore and test, disprove or prove, was whether all humans have the ability to heal and whether it is connected to our ability to recover.

Several thousand people have received help from Deborah, but the most important thing for her is, and has always been, to show people that they themselves can heal and that we all have this power within us as part of our potential.

“Even when people came to me for healing, they learned about how our thoughts affect the body and what they could do themselves. It was incredibly important to me that they did not become dependent upon me, but that I could uplift them and that they learned how to uplift themselves,” Deborah explains.

Thousands have participated in the training

More that 30.000 people have attended her courses and Deborah is referred to as one of Norway’s leading public speakers. She has published several books and developed several courses. She leads by example showing us that we do not need to be a victim in our own lives.

In the article Philosophy of change! she describes the essence of her philosophy of change.

Deborah’s story

Deborah Borgen’s childhood exposed her to violence, alcohol abuse by others and two rapes at a young age, as well as abuse by a doctor, and in 1986 she brutally hit the wall. It was the start of her journey to develop DB-System®.

The reasons she hit the wall were those traumatic experiences, much stress in her daily life and a lack of knowledge about how we as humans function.

Insufficient training and pressure to conform

At school Deborah learned little about life itself, and even less about how we could live a good life and cope with situations we encounter along the way.

Society taught her only about what she could do based on a limited way of thinking. Where we had to stay within set rules and standards – or else we’re not like everyone else:

– not kind enough
– not good enough
– not smart enough
– unworthy
– and the “who do you think you are” attitude was all too prevalent.

The individual disappears, and so did the individual Deborah.

As a financial manager and with an analytical perspective, she started her search for answers about how to live a good life, where she could cope with daily tasks and challenges with inner peace.

DB-System® is the result

After 24 years of in-depth studies, her own development and systematic work, Deborah gathered her findings and created a new system. A brand new training of the brain with simple techniques that can be used at home in your own living room without the help of a therapist.

“I found that when I took responsibility for my own feelings and reactions, I took a great step forward in my own development. I used the techniques to process traumatic experiences in my life, so that I could be present in the world without anger, hate and bitterness towards people who had hurt me.

In today’s society we are expected to constantly achieve, while we simultaneously keep up a good front by having a nice home, good looks and a good job. On the outside we continually make adjustments to meet new demands, while we forget about what goes on within us – mentally.” Deborah explains.

Research carried out on the system

For Deborah, it became important to be able to document her work, so that everyone could be confident that it is quality work with documented results.

The research carried out on Deborah Borgen’s pioneering system shows that when we train the whole brain, we create new neural connections between the two brain hemispheres, so that we think smarter and more efficiently in our daily lives. Intuition, creativity and empathy become more accessible to us.

We gain greater peace of mind and a greater understanding of how we can create good solutions – for ourselves and for others. When we use more of our resources, we are better able to find better solutions, also in cooperation with others. Our mind becomes a team player with balance between our outer and inner lives.

With a new understanding, we are better equipped

In a day and age with great challenges ahead in our own lives and in society at large, we must look at humans resources in a new way – we must bring forth our inherent resources. With new understanding of how we function as humans, and how we can train our brain, we are able to communicate well across religions, cultures, ethnicity and geographical differences.

“No matter who you are, you can make use of the brain’s capacity to improve your life, your relationships, and be an individual who creates better solutions in cooperation with others. Humans need more empathy and love, and to learn about their own resources!”, Deborah emphasizes.

Today and against all odds, Deborah is healthy and lives her life with a tireless commitment to helping other people create a good life for themselves!


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