Unique Mind ESP

What do we do in Unique Mind ESP?

Unique Mind ESP offers courses and lectures, with focus on improved quality of life and mastering of life

We work in various arenas:

  • Private individuals
  • Education, kindergartens and schools
  • Health and emergency response
  • Businesses in public and private sectors

ConsciousnessTraining is a new scientifically published method, with simple techniques to deal with stress and master what we encounter. We are several people working together, and ConsciousnessTraining is our tool in this work.

Unique Mind ESP

In January 2010 we were ready launch ConsciousnessTraining in the Norwegian and international markets. Unique; because we believe in the uniqueness in each individual. Mind; because by using the whole brain we can control and gain access to the conscious and subconscious of human. ESP; because by understanding and utilizing this sense we can access resources we have previously not understood, to utilize more of our potential.


Our vision

Our vision is to help people to help themselves. When each of us uses our full potential, we will function optimally as a whole and we will be stronger individuals in a strong community. This leads to a society in continuous development, with more empathy for all parties in cooperation for peace.