Unique Mind ESP®

Unique Mind ESP was founded by Deborah Borgen in 2009, and is an umbrella organization for all who work with the DB-System®.

Unique: because we believe in the uniqueness of each individual human being, and that everyone has their own unique meaning and value.

Mind: because by using a larger network in the brain, we can control and access the conscious and the subconscious mind simultaneously.

ESP: because we consider this to be our most important resource in order to strengthen our intuitive thinking. It is our inner sensory apparatus, and opens up unused potential.

We offer courses and education in the DB-System®.

DB-System® is born

“It started as a dream, with a desire to show people the enormous potential that lives within us. After a near-death experience in 1986, I gained an intuitive insight into how we function as human beings.” – see our story with English subtitles:

Dream into reality

A dream has come true – we are many who can now lift and help people by using the DB-System®. It opens up a network of possibilities.

We all have unused potential that we can bring forth to get the best out of life. We can go beyond our own ego and condemnation and be in the world with new eyes.

In January 2010, we were ready to launch the basic course in DB-System® in Norway and the international market.

The course is a new, scientifically-published method, with simple techniques for dealing with stress and mastering whatever we encounter in life.