ConsciousnessTraining™ – training the brain, including simple techniques

On this page we explain what ConsciousnessTraining is and what is special about our way of training the brain. In addition you can download our basic exercise used at the course, and read more about the techniques that are included.

Our brain is the key to our unique resources


Everything we have learned from a young age is stored in our brain’s network.

The brain contains billions of neurons that interact in a complex manner to control thoughts, emotions, behaviour and movements, as well as process all impulses received.

As recently as in 1998, research confirmed that the brain changes throughout life. Now more people talk about our brain changing when we do physical exercise, yoga, meditation or just go for a walk in nature.

In 1986 Deborah Borgen discovered that we not only can change the brain by creating new neural pathways, we can also deliberately change larger parts of the brain’s network. So she wondered: Can people make deliberate changes in the brain and create more functional connections between the regions of the brain, and do it themselves?

If that was possible, would we be able to improve our emotional and cognitive development (our emotions and thinking)? This would have great significance in a person’s life in order to cope with challenges and tasks in daily life, both large and small.

After many years of work, the two first scientifically published articles about self-guided positive imagery training confirmed that: Humans have totally unique resources to deliberately create changes in the brain themselves.

Self-guided positive imagery training

Selv-guidet positiv imaginær trening

Guided positive imagery training is a part of the training of the brain used in ConsciousnessTraining.

The word imagery means imaginary, unreal or non-existing. When we are creative and get an idea, we use imagery (imagination). We might therefore say that an idea is imaginary until it is materialized. 

What is special about this way of training the brain?
This is a very special way of training the brain that trains the whole brain and gives functional changes in the brain (New network/neural pathways).

The mental exercises in this training are built upon imagery. Thoughts and imagination are used actively to train the brain. When the training is completed it is self-guided imagery training.

It means that we can lead ourselves in a more efficient manner and achieve a happier daily life.

Balance between reasoning and emotions results in improved self-regulation

hjernens utvikling

Greater balance between emotions and reasoning is very important for coping with large and small challenges and tasks in daily life.

Learn – practice – becomes an automatic response
Our natural way of learning is to learn by observing, practicing and then just doing it. Whatever we learn from a young age becomes an automatic response. As adults we no longer think about what we have learned – we run on autopilot.

Development of the brain
In our primal brain (at the bottom of the image), everything we sense, hear, smell, feel and taste is perceived and stored. In the emotional brain (center of the image), all feelings from hurtful and good experiences are stored. This area is also where we find the brain’s alarm center. Reasoning belongs to the rational brain (at the top of the image). Logic/reasoning is what makes us able to think, learn, reflect, have control and make plans.

A stronger network
The training of the brain done in ConsciousnessTraining creates a stronger network between the emotional brain and the rational brain. New neural pathways are created. To understand our conscious thoughts and actions, we also need to consider how the brain processes information. A neural pathway holds a memory, and a feeling is linked to the memory. A feeling becomes the thoughts we think, the words we say and our actions, and finally becomes the basis for our decisions. Much of this happens at a subconscious level.

Conscious/subconscious – an interpretation of information 
Deborah realized that in order to understand the subconscious and the possibilities we have, we need to use our ESP sense, or you may know it better as gut-feelings or intuition. It is so much more that that. We can consider the ESP-sense to be an interpretation sense, making it possible to interpret the subconscious information from the primal brain to the emotional brain.

With a stronger network between the emotional brain and the rational brain, we are able to create better balance between reasoning and emotions. This in turn improves our ability to self-regulate in our conscious daily life.

Basic exercise in ConsciousnessTraining

The Relaxation exercise is a basic exercise in our training of the brain. It is an active-dynamic meditation, where you sit down with your eyes closed and use your thoughts actively throughout the exercise.

The exercise gives good restitution to the body, and resets the brain to a natural, calm state. It helps us to release stress and gives peace of mind.

You can download the exercise here for free and get a taste of what this special way of training the brain does.

Everyone has a unique capacity to lead their own life

Nøkkelen Unique Mind ESP

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate”
– Carl G. Jung (1875–1961)

Many people let fate control their life, because they don’t believe they can do anything about it.

Today we know that we can bring what is in our subconscious to the conscious level, and create the changes we want. Deborah found that becoming aware is not enough, so she also developed two effective techniques to use in daily life:

– Nightfilm is a technique you can use as a planning tool. In short terms, it is used to sort out and clear the mind as well as get an overview of the next day. This gives quality sleep and a good overview in daily life. In addition, the technique puts things into perspective and creates new solutions.

– The Creative Corner is used for goals or mental preparations, as well as transforming difficult situations or when something comes to a halt in life. Changes made are lasting, and this will increase feelings of mastering and satisfaction with life, among other things.

Everyone has unused potential in the subconscious. It is a source of insight, knowledge and solutions that we can use in daily life to lead OURSELVES in our own life.

That means we as humans can cope with and master whatever we encounter, and lead ourselves towards whatever we want…