Courses for Private individuals

ConsciousnessTraining I – We all can improve our quality of life

Our brain is much more important for our quality of life, than we previously believed. We can develop and train the whole brain to cope with large and small challenges and tasks in daily life. By training the whole brain we can take control of our emotions and thoughts, helping us to be more emotionally stable and efficient in daily life.

The fact that we can take control of our own mind and are able to create changes in our own life, will lead us to the good life we desire.

Society as a whole is built upon outer demands and expectations, and we also make huge demands of ourselves. For example, eating right, exercising enough, being there for our children, family, friends and work. Everything that we “should or ought” to do that we fall short of. All the demands pull us in all directions and create a high level of stress in our lives. We learn this from a young age, and we are dutiful.

Everyone can now make use of more of their potential, to be able to make choices and decisions based on who we really are and not based on all the outer demands made of us.

Are you ready to have the life you really want?

Quick and lasting results in an effective way

ConsciousnessTraining I runs over a weekend from 10 AM to 7 PM both days

How the training takes place:

  • in sessions of about 1.5 hours each, including lectures and mental exercises
  • we are in a venue with chairs set up theatre style
  • mental exercises are read out loud for you while your eyes are closed and you use your thoughts actively in order to train the brain
  • you do not need to take any notes
  • you are not expected to share information about yourself or from your life
  • as a participant, you do not need to perform in any way
  • you must be present at all sessions of the course

You will learn two simple techniques for use in daily life – tools for life

Also included in the course fee:

  • a compendium where the techniques are described
  • diploma upon completing the course
  • repetition card – the right to repeat the course as many times as you would like for a special repetition price 
  • free guidance in use of the techniques over the phone
  • free access to guidance in videos from founder
  • you can split up the course fee free of charge, (contact the instructor if you need to pay in installments)

Course fee: 
Course fee for courses held in United Kingdom: £ 390 – repetition: £ 70
Course fee for courses held in USA: US$ 420 – repetition: US$ 80

The lower age limit is 18 years, or 16 years with the written consent of a parent or guardian.

ConsciousnessTraining II

This course aims to deepen and reinforce ConsciousnessTraining I.  The lectures emphasize a new perspective about who you are and the potential you have.

The effect of the course is personal growth that creates new results in your daily life. We work on understanding the equation that strengthens individuals. We focus on lifting values, and being a strengthened individual in a strong community.

Practical information:
ConsciousnessTraining II will be available in English at a later date

Experiences with ConsciousnessTraining