A story from my archive

Clouds are gathering and promising rain. The little girl who is busy picking flowers doesn’t notice. She wants to gather lots of flowers to take to her Grandma who she loves so much. The downpour was unavoidable, the path was wet and the stones slippery. She fell, scrubbed her knees and became afraid. “I want to go home, but which way?” The little girl was lost, and tears filled her eyes.

She picked up the flowers she had lost when she fell. Some of them were damaged, but she took them with her anyway. Her tears mixed with the rain on her cheeks, so she could hardly see where she was going. Suddenly she heard a car and ran it the direction it came from. Then she saw an opening in the trees, and when she left the woods she could see her home. Her face is one big smile now, and she wipes away her tears. A wet and muddy little girl in shorts and with scrubbed up knees rings the doorbell happily. Her small hands are holding what she feels are the most beautiful flowers.

The door opens and she gets drawn into the hallway and the flowers fall out of her hands. An angry voice cries out “Where have you been? You are not supposed to be outside so late.” She looks down at the flowers, and the smile disappears. “I just wanted to pick the nicest flowers for my Grandma who I love so much.”

This is part of a story from my mental archives. It’s very interesting to see what incidents turn up that have been hidden away.

Becoming aware of neural pathways that have become automatic and can create negative feelings in daily life. This story turned up as an answer to my question about why I had feelings of not doing things well enough. A harsh episode for a small child. For the adult it was just a reaction when fear that something had happened to the little child took over.

This is one of the reasons I work with ConsciousnessTraining. Being able to transform negative emotions in a simple manner strengthens our feelings of mastering and strengthens us as individuals. In ConsciousnessTraining we use The Creative Corner technique for this purpose, and there have been many transformed incidents on my way through life.

When you create changes within yourself, it influences the people around you too. In this way you can be the reason that you yourself as well as others get a better life. This is one of the greatest aspects of your brain – it is unique and can do unbelievable things that open up new possibilities.


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“It can’t be that easy”

This may sound complicated, but after almost 30 years of my own development and testing, I’ve found a simple concept. To make sure that this method works, I asked researchers to look for the results we can expect to gain from ConsciousnessTraining. The fact that something so complex can be done in a simple and systematic way, has created a challenge for me. I’ve encountered, and still encounter, massive resistance from many. This is because we’ve been taught to be sceptical if something appears to be too easy, “It can’t be that easy.”

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Let every single day be an active day for raising awareness about our own values

What I say is that we should raise our awareness about how we influence the world around us every single day, and not just on one particular day. Our thoughts and behavior come from attitudes buried in our subconscious, and this is where you and I need to do something about it. Attitude changes don’t happen by themselves; you and I must be willing to raise our awareness about values that lead to good choices and actions.

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