“It can’t be that easy”

Blog Conscious development: It can't be that easy

Deliberate and conscious development can be magical, exciting, painful and frightening – sometimes all at once. That’s why I’m glad I have constructive techniques to help me in my own life, and that even difficult things can be easy.


The brain as a starting point

My dream is to tell each and every person how unique they are, and about the unused resource we humans have: our enormous capacity. My starting point is our brain. I understand that this is the key to greater understanding of who we are and the capacity that we have.

I believe in strengthened individuals in a strong community. What that means? In short terms it means that when we feel secure being just who we are, we will be able to create a society in continuous development, with good solutions for everyone. In today’s society we are expected to constantly perform. At the same time we must keep a façade; have a nice home, great looks and have a good job. The outer is constantly adjusted to adapt to external requirements, while the inner is forgotten.


Everyone has a unique capacity to lead their own life

When we learn about how we function as human beings, we can also lead our own life. We all have an unused potential in the subconscious. It is a source of insight, knowledge and solutions that we can use in daily life.

With training and simple techniques, we will find the answers we need. It means that we as human beings can handle and master what we encounter and lead ourselves to whatever we want.


It can’t be that easy

This may sound complicated, but after almost 30 years of my own development and testing, I’ve found a simple concept. To make sure that this method works, I asked researchers to look for the results we can expect to gain from DB-System®. The fact that something so complex can be done in a simple and systematic way, has created a challenge for me. I’ve encountered, and still encounter, massive resistance from many. This is because we’ve been taught to be sceptical if something appears to be too easy, “It can’t be that easy.”

I always say that as long as we have a good intention, we should not be afraid to say what we think. Again, many have learned something else. “You must not stick your neck out and you shouldn’t think that you amount to anything.” If we want to create development and make changes, that is just what we need to do. Since my dream is to contribute to deliberate and conscious development of society, I must dare and take risks, even if others don’t like or understand what I’m saying.


A blog about deliberate development

My driving force is to get as many people as possible to make use of DB-System® to prevent burnout, learn to handle stress and obstacles, and create a better society. I found that when I took responsibility for my own feelings and reactions, it was a great step forward in my own development.

That’s the reason why I started this blog as I did. It can be both painful and frightening when people tell you what and who you are, while not knowing anything about you.

In this blog I plan to address various topics that may seem challenging and may cause a stir in some ways, but without challenges there can be no growth or development.

No matter who you are, you can utilize the brain’s capacity for a better life, better relationships, and be an individual who creates better solutions in cooperation with others. We become a strong individual in a strong community.

Welcome to a blog about deliberate and conscious development for stronger society.

Deborah Borgen