Seminar for businesses
– Going from stress to mental strength and health

For all kind of businesses and organizations that want to strengthen their employees for the future.

By learning the brain’s mechanisms, peace of mind and enthusiasm for work are created in the working environment.

Having happier and more productive employees, with good interpersonal relationships, will be a smart investment anyway.

For managers, enhanced creativity and developed intuition can have a good effect on a career.

In addition, happy people are less often sick...

Going from stress to mental strenght and health

A healthier business life

We live in a society with high focus on performance, and it’s becoming more important than ever before to understand the mechanisms that lead to stress and mental pressure. Stress is often caused by our own performance expectation that we think others expect of us.

The seminar focuses on the brain’s mechanisms, so that we can prevent and get rid of stress. The seminar is built upon DB-System® and has been developed to provide peace of mind and increased satisfaction at work in daily life.

The participants gain knowledge about how we function mentally and the mental processes that take place within us, while learning effective tools they can use in daily life.

We build mental strength and health, and get closer to good solutions:

– for a healthier business life.

What exactly is stress?

Stress can briefly be described as the reaction to a demanding physical or psychological impact. It’s not the strain itself, but how we look at it and deal with it.

Stress is therefore not about having a lot to do, but how you think about it.

Many don’t even know they are stressed, because it has become a natural state for the brain and we have become used to it. This can often be one of the reasons why we don’t notice that we are running on high gear and becoming exhausted.

Some of the most common symptoms of stress are well known:

  • Sleep issues – wake up exhausted
  • Headaches/migraine
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Anger – short-tempered – say things we don’t mean

– In short: stress is emotional imbalance.

We have approximately 60.000 thoughts during the day, whereof 85% are so-called inexpedient. They can create uneasiness and anxiety, resulting in emotional imbalance.

What is mental strength and health

Mental strength and health means being able to handle tasks and challenges in daily life – privately and at work – in emotional balance.

The brain is, as we know, the steering organ. It contains billions of nerve cells which, through advanced interaction, control thoughts, feelings, behavior and movements, and process all impulses received.

When you decide to go for a walk in the forest, or if you choose an exercise session, it is the brain that gives signals to the body – allowing you to complete what you decided to do.

By learning the brain’s mechanisms, we can choose healthy signals. By taking control of our thoughts and reactions, we can create a daily life of mental strength and health.

Full-day seminar – 6 hours

– From stress to mental strength and health

In this seminar we learn about the brain’s mechanisms. We prevent and release stress, in order to have peace of mind and increased satisfaction at work in daily life.

We look at how we are built mentally, and learn about our mental processes.

The content of the seminar:

We learn some effective tools to handle tasks and challenges in daily life – we build mental strength and health!

Strengthen your team for the future

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