Repetition gives growth

Testimonial Repetition gives growth. Woman working at her desk.

Hey Deborah

Good morning 🙂

Today is a week and two days since I repeated a course in Tromsø with Deborah. Every time I repeat, magical things happen soon afterwards. In addition to all the extra smooth flow that comes after the course, such as, for example, that the queue suddenly disappears, I become more patient, the bus arrives exactly as I get to the bus stop, etc.


Bought the dream house

Two and a half years ago, we lived in a small apartment in the center of Tromsø with a young baby, and we wanted more living space in a child-friendly area, but due to the housing costs in Tromsø, this was almost impossible for a young couple. After attending a course at that time, I sat down and wrote a description of the dream house. After a week, a house appeared (it had been there a long time, but I hadn’t noticed it previously due to the form of ownership it had), but my gut-feelings said it was okay. We went to look at it the next day. The man who lived there told us that the form of ownership was due to be changed the following year (to what we wanted). We qualified for a loan (do not know how we managed that) AND submitted an offer. Two weeks after the course we had bought the dream house !! 🙂

The dream job

Eight days ago, I was unemployed after my second maternity leave, and had been since April. The labor market had few jobs that suited my needs. In the evening after the course, I sat down and wrote a description of the dream job. I did not even manage to activate the goal before a slightly strange ad appeared that I thought I should apply for. Was not quite what I had envisioned, but when I received a phone call only five hours after submitting the application, I got a good feeling about it. In our conversation the next day, he talked about his philosophy for the workplace and how to take care of the employees, and it was as if I had said it myself! Three days later I got the job !! 🙂 It also turned out that they intended to expand the services they offer. This was basically a sales position in a small advertising agency (I’m actually a designer), but since I was a designer I could do other things as well, and help with design work. So I got exactly what I wanted!


So thank you so much for the work you do !!!

Wish everyone a great day.