Testimonial: Many thanks for FANTASTIC course days.

Many thanks for FANTASTIC course days 🙂

Deborah explained about Imaginary right in the beginning (unreal, etc), and I immediately thought of Imagine by John Lennon – and how we can imagine all kinds of fantastic things. I thought of that song every time she said imaginary (and that was quite a few times during those two days) – by then it had become a neural pathway.

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Testimonial: I came home as a new person. Happy woman.

I came home as a new person

Many heartfelt thanks for a start on a new daily life! Today I’ve been at work, been happy, and my head has stayed calm. I came home like a new person. I still don’t understand how it is possible, but it is 🙂

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Testimonial: A unique concept

A unique concept

What strikes me when I tell others about the course is that it is so amazing, yes – a unique concept and it contains so much. The course has given me a boost and help to stay focused and see opportunities.

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Testimonial The book gave him answer. Man reading a book.

The book gave him the answer

I’ve talked to you many times while in my inner room. Perhaps some of it has come through to you, and perhaps some is still out there floating in the ether. I am unspeakably happy that I’ve been to your course; it has improved my life.

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Testimonial: Helps ADHD/ADD. Woman stretching in the nature.


Four years ago, as an adult, I was diagnosed with ADHD and ADD. It was a relief, as I then understood why I’ve always been so restless and have always had so very many thoughts in my head. Living with ADHD is “non-stop”! One gets to be indescribably tired of living with this for many years.

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Testimonial: Everything is possible. Man with dog.

Everything is possible

My first course was in September 2011, and the weekend gave me more than I had imagined. Getting into balance and bringing forth my own inner strength has helped me, and the dizzy spells have almost disappeared after using the Nightfilm technique regularly.

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Testimonial Repetition gives growth. Woman working at her desk.

Repetition gives growth

Every time I repeat, magical things happen soon afterwards. In addition to all the extra smooth flow that comes after the course, such as, for example, that the queue suddenly disappears, I become more patient, the bus arrives exactly as I get to the bus stop, etc.

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Testimonial Released lots of fear. A heart-shaped cloud in the sky.

Released lots of fear

This course weekend has really helped me to let go of much fear, and to be more patient. I remember to take deep breaths, think about my inner room and letting go.

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Testimonial: Everything became so much better. Girl raising her arms embracing the sunrise.

Everything became so much better

I changed and everything became so much better.

I managed to control my thoughts. I have confidence in myself, self-worth, I speak out about how I want my life to be.

I can partly remove pain with my thoughts.
Fear of death, stress, headaches, depressions are gone and if negative thoughts appear, I deal with them.

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Testimonial The brain believes what it hears. Teacher and student.

The brain believes what it hears!

I am a teacher and special educator, and without thinking about it I have used different techniques when I interact with students, but after the course I am so much more conscious and determined. Of course, the students notice. What just happened is nothing short of a miracle.

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Testimonial Increased knowledge in school. Three younger kids studying

Increased knowledge in school

I work as a teacher and special educator in primary school. I am sure that increased knowledge in school about how we function as human beings can promote learning, contribute to a better classroom environment and be an important factor in ending bullying.

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