Tried all tricks in the book

His teacher and his grandparents have independently of each other commented that they feel he has calmed down.

Coincidental or not, after the Unique Mind ESP course for children we have a more content boy who is more satisfied with himself and his surroundings.

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Many thanks for FANTASTIC course days 🙂

Deborah explained about Imaginary right in the beginning (unreal, etc), and I immediately thought of Imagine by John Lennon – and how we can imagine all kinds of fantastic things. I thought of that song every time she said imaginary (and that was quite a few times during those two days) – by then it had become a neural pathway.

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Happy people

I came home as a new person

Many heartfelt thanks for a start on a new daily life!

Today I’ve been at work, been happy, and my head has stayed calm.

A week ago on Monday I started working again after having been on sick leave, and right then going in the door at work felt like the worst thing I had done in my entire life.

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The book gave him the answer

I’ve talked to you many times while in my inner room. Perhaps some of it has come through to you, and perhaps some is still out there floating in the ether. I am unspeakably happy that I’ve been to your course; it has improved my life.

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That’s what I call smooth flow and magical daily life!

Hi! It occurred to me that I should share this experience 🙂 It’s been a while since this happened, but it still feels mighty strong. In short, I was to fly with a morning flight from Tromsø to Oslo. I decided against placing an order for a taxi the night before, since I counted on it going OK. I was also irritated that buses didn’t go so early in the morning, since I’m a student and don’t have much money.

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Four years ago, as an adult, I was diagnosed with ADHD and ADD. It was a relief, as I then understood why I’ve always been so restless and have always had so very many thoughts in my head. Living with ADHD is “non-stop”! One gets to be indescribably tired of living with this for many years.

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Everything is possible

I’d like to share some of my experience after my first ConsciousnessTraining I™ in 2011. I’ve suffered from Tinnitus (ringing in the ears), resulting in dizziness. My first course was in September 2011, and the weekend gave me more than I had imagined. Getting into balance and bringing forth my own inner strength has helped me, and the dizzy spells have almost disappeared after using the Nightfilm technique regularly.

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I changed radically

I have changed radically since the first time you met me. I notice how I am in every way more secure, whole, happy and a better person. This is surely related to great lifestyle changes I made after I became ill in the winter of 2011 and started eating decent, nutritious food, but it is also very apparent that the way my mind functions has radically changed.

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