5 great summertips

Blog 5 great summertips

When you experience the use of the summertips and what they can do for you, you will see that they become “a must” no matter the season.

Practice makes perfect so go ahead and practice until the new mindset has become an automatic response. 


Summertip 1: Plan for smooth flow and great days

Summertip #1 Plan for smooth flow and great days

It is summer and many people are on holiday. We may need to relax and do things without necessarily having a plan. Planning for smooth flow and great days doesn’t mean to plan in detail, on the contrary – be present here and Now and follow your heart.

To get in touch with your heart, you can prepare for the next day and think about what you want. Every night when it’s time to sleep, you can think about how you want your day tomorrow to be like. Use your imagination and immerse yourself in it. Let it be the last thing on your mind before you go to sleep.

Then you will wake up refreshed and with renewed energy. Your brain is a great tool when you team up with it. It cleanses and prepares so that you can have smooth flow.

Good luck and have a great summer in smooth flow!



Summertip 2: Create a mental sanctuary

Tip #2 Create a mental sanctuary

What we have in mind will affect everything we do and experience. Therefore, it is clever to create a mental sanctuary, which you can use when your mind is racing and you cannot stop unwanted thoughts.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Imagine that you are now going to create a room that is just for you. It can be anywhere, and you are free to create what you want. Be sure to fill this room with good things and good emotions so that it is a good place to be. When you are done, open your eyes and bring the good feeling with you continuing your day.

If you find yourself in a situation where you become insecure, or stress think of your room and bring forth the good feeling. You can also do it when your mind and thoughts are running wild.



Summertip 3: Let go of unnecessary thoughts

Tip #3 Let go of unnecessary thoughts

If summertip #2 did not have full effect to get rid of buzzing thoughts, you can use this additional tip.

Maybe the train of thoughts has been running for a long time, and you have to go deeper in order to find peace of mind and have a daily life with smooth flow.

Use a notebook and a pen to write down and clear your mind of the thoughts that are disturbing. Whether it is worries or frustration. Write down exactly what you think, until you have nothing more to write about. Getting rid of thoughts in this way will also help you to have an overview of what is going on in your mind. You can get a clearer view of it and find more peace of mind.

When you have finished, you can include the mental sanctuary (tip #2) from last week. Use all the tips you get this summer, and you will find that they can easily be used all year round.



Summertip 4: Learn mental frist aid

Tip #4 Learn mental first aid

What do we do when the alarm goes off and we are stuck in an emotion?

First of all, let’s look at what happens in such moments.

Let’s use a traffic light to describe. When it is green, everything is ready and we can walk or drive. We can imagine that it is a zone of smooth flow, and we feel great.

If we see that the light changes to orange, we must be aware and get ready to stop. When we are in an orange zone, we can say that we are on the alert. We are more tense, aware of the surroundings and we can be restless.

When there is a red light, there is a full stop. It will be the same for us. We no longer have control over our emotions in a red zone.

So back to the question, what do we do when the alarm goes off?

We do as we do at a red light – we stop. Because the brain is our signal system, we must give it good signals.

Think of something that is positive for you, smile physically and hold on to the positive thought for 90 seconds. Then the brain gets good signals, and you are back in the green zone.



Summertip 5: Train your natural talent

Tip #5 Train your natural talent

Ever since you were born, you’ve had a natural talent to master life. The natural way of learning for humans is to learn by observing, practice and then we just do it. What we learn becomes an automatic response, and we do it without thinking about it.

When you learned to walk, you practiced until you managed it. There was no such thing as giving up or not being able to do it. You made “several” attempts, and each time you got back up. It’s the natural resilience you were born with – you never gave up!

To bring forth this strength within yourself, you can practice doing new things. Don’t be scared but take one step at a time: First learn, then practice, practice and practice, until you manage it. Then you have brought forth your natural resilience.

It’s amazing what we can do by following this “recipe”, which is a natural part of you. This is just a reminder that you have everything you need to master life.

Good luck!

Deborah Borgen