An alternative to sleeping pills

Blog: An alternative to sleeping pills. A good night sleep by using Nightfilm

On my flight to Trondheim, Norway to teach a weekend course, I was reading a magazine. I noticed an ad with news about an over-the-counter drug. I quote: “One of three have weekly sleep problems, and more and more people have trouble going to sleep. Stress and worries are common causes. Now there is a new over-the-counter drug that reduces agitation and helps to fall asleep.”


Do things differently to get a different result

Once more a new drug is produced that treats symptoms instead of causes. We need to learn to cope with stress and worries, or we will end up with a society where everyone must take pills for something or other. I understand that it isn’t easy if one hasn’t learned about other solutions.

That is one reason that I’ve used many years of my life developing DB-System®. I was once in that situation where I hadn’t learned about how I could train my brain and learn to systematically clear out my mind. Also I had trouble sleeping and had many worries, leading to a very hard and sudden stop in my life.

A new research project has been carried out, where the aim was to verify and confirm the results from our first research project. I choose to use time and resources in this way so that we don’t need to live a life on pills and the like. We must, of course, be willing to do things in a different way than we have done before, in order get different results. Perhaps this is where we must use additional resources, to help people understand all the advantages we get by training our brains and using a few minutes of our lives to do some simple techniques.

In the ad I read, it stated that the pills had no side effects, but why is it then considered a medication?

Below I describe another solution, where the only side effect is a calmer mind and better sleep.


An excerpt from my book, Magical Moments:

This technique is called Nightfilm. I recommend that you use it every evening.

The technique is done in two stages, where one is done in writing and the other is done mentally.

Research shows that using a pen and paper gives better results than writing on a computer, so I recommend that you use a notebook for your Nightfilms. In this notebook you write a little every evening in order to achieve lasting changes in your life. You don’t need to think about nice handwriting or how much you write, but the writing itself is important. Do it just before going to bed or sitting up in bed when you’re ready to retire for the night.

Read through the description of the technique before you start.

  • Write The Day Today at the top of the page. On this page you are to write a little about how your day has been, including any challenges you may have encountered. Write about all of your emotions so that you let go of worried thoughts.

  • When you’ve done that, write The Day Tomorrow as a heading. Under this heading you’re to write about how you would like your day to be tomorrow. Write as if it has already happened. Conclude by writing: “Many thanks for a fantastic day that flowed smoothly, with solutions for the whole.” This sentence, or a similar expression of thanks, creates an expectation of smooth and positive flow in your daily life.

  • When this has been done, it’s time to do the mental stage. The mental stage should be done sitting, to avoid falling asleep.

  • Sit in your bed when you’re ready to go to sleep. Close your eyes and count from 7 to 1, taking a deep breath before each number. 

  • Think again through the day you had today, as if you’re observing a movie. When you think of the day you’ve had in this way, you put everything that has happened outside of yourself and don’t need to feel the emotions again.

  • Think again through your day tomorrow, this time as if you are participating in the movie. Experience the day tomorrow as you would like it to be, with smooth flow and solutions for the whole. Finish by sitting in bed and saying to yourself: “Many thanks for a fantastic day that flowed smoothly, with solutions for the whole.”

  • Lie down and go to sleep without counting out.

Good luck and have a good nights sleep.

Deborah Borgen