Professional collaboration

Kindergarten, school and education

Mental health and substance abuse

Cecilie Stenhaug

Professional collaboration: Kindergarten, school and education

Educator Cecilie Stenhaug holds a master’s degree in pedagogy from NTNU. She has varied experience from various positions in kindergarten, school and other upbringing arenas, such as educational leader, social worker, support educator for children with special needs, and advisor for developing the care and learning environment in schools.

Since 2011, Cecilie has been working with founder Deborah Borgen to develop an educational program for kindergartens, schools and higher education.

Cecilie is involved in many projects. A vision for this collaboration is to contribute to the development of a good and improved educational system, where we can create a society that includes everyone.

Hedda Veimar Kilen

Professional collaboration: mental health and substance abuse

Hedda Veimar Kilen is a MD with work experience in the fields of internal medicine and medical biochemistry. At present she is doing a specialization in the field of substance abuse and addiction.

Hedda is a professional advisor for us in several projects. One of these projects is development of a course specially tailored for women exposed to violence in close relationships. This course is now being tested.

A book project is now starting up, where we are working to develop the techniques in ConsciousnessTraining for use in treatment.

One main goal for this professional collaboration is to include ConsciousnessTraining as a part of treatments offered in the fields of mental health and substance abuse.