The brain believes what it hears!

Testimonial The brain believes what it hears. Teacher and student.

I am a teacher and special educator, and without thinking about it I have used different techniques when I interact with students, but after Consciousness Training (The basic course in DB-System® ed.) I am so much more conscious and determined. Of course, the students notice. What just happened is nothing short of a miracle.

I had a class with a student in primary school who struggles a lot with reading and writing, despite years of training. The student was as usual diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD / ADD. He is a very sympathetic and friendly soul, and very reflective for his young age. Humor and irony are his trademarks, so it’s always nice to be with him. Today we were going to do word dictation, and that is something he usually struggles a lot with, so his motivation wasn’t great, but he is still conscientious.

I talked to him about the fact that this test means nothing really, just a little test of whether he remembers some of the words we have worked on this year, and for me it’s good to see how he works.

He began hesitantly. Slept is the word he was to write. Is it with one or two e’s?

He’s unsure. I say that I do not always remember how words are written, and that I then write the word in different ways on a draft sheet and then I see what looks most familiar. He likes that idea and writes the word: Slept, both sleept and slept, and then immediately sees that the slept looks most familiar. This simple technique has a calming effect and he lowers his shoulders a little. Then he says the following: I’m not so good at this.

I then choose to stop for a moment and focus on that statement. I talked some about the power of thought and that the brain believes what it hears, so if he tells himself, “I’m not good,” that’s what he gets. I explain further that he loses his strength if he fills his brain with negative thoughts, and I see that this sinks in. He smiles and starts to say that he is pretty good at this. Immediately it’s like he has access to the correct words that he has stored somewhere in the brain, but that were not available when he didn’t ask the brain for it, because now he suddenly manages to write even the most difficult words correctly. The shirt, the forks, the shepherds, the word shining come like pearls on a string. He wonders about this as much as I do. Out of 20 words, he got 16 correct, compared to five correct when the same test was taken in January.

The explanation must be that we lose access to our resources when we talk ourselves down.

This was a really fun experience. Thanks to ConsciousnessTraining (the basic course in DB-System® ed.), I have something to really think about today. Thank you very much.

Warm greetings from Western Norway (-: