What goes on inside our heads?

Blog What goes on inside our heads?

I continue to work towards getting a subject into schools that qualifies us to cope with what we call life. When I grew up, no one taught me anything about what goes on inside our heads or how to cope with all that life may consist of – from joys to sorrow, large and small challenges or problems at home or elsewhere.

The past week has made it even clearer to me how important that is, and I’m not talking about treating symptoms or superficially. Rather just the opposite: I mean everything that goes on in our inner realm through our thoughts and feelings. Understanding what goes on in our heads, how the brain reacts to thoughts and feelings, and how to sort out any emotional chaos that arises.


What goes on in our heads?

We have about 60-70 thousand thoughts in the course of 24 hours. Consciously or subconsciously, they just fly by. Sometimes we stop and give attention to some of them, be they positive or negative. Our thoughts also strengthen our feelings, and they continually influence our lives and how we feel at all times.


How does the brain react to thoughts and feelings?

The brain is a complex organ and we still have a lot to learn about it. I often say that the brain is like a network that is built up with neural pathways containing our experiences and what we have learned. We can also think of it as our filing cabinet, with memories stored in the cabinet drawers. Throughout our daily lives the brain constantly goes to the filing cabinet to fetch memories that create feelings that again give thoughts to the feelings. The brain is a center that sends signals out to the body, and a healthy brain sends healthy signals.


How can we clear up emotional chaos?

DB-System® came to be because I sought out information and put it together in a system of training and techniques that could help me to cope with all that comes along in life.

All that I have experienced in the past week would previously have created emotional chaos in my life. Now I can instead become aware of the thoughts and feelings that arise and deliberately and consciously choose the thoughts I want to continue to think. I can have a perspective that gives more of an overview, and weed out worries and spinning thoughts, planning the days that follow so that I can handle whatever I encounter in a good way while remaining calm. I can also transform whatever it was that triggered my brain, and create new, lasting memories.

The brain can be compared to a muscle in that it becomes stronger the more it is used and exercised. In the basic course in DB-System® each brain hemisphere is strengthened as well as strengthening coordination between them, making it possible for us to easily adjust the areas of our lives we want to strengthen.

We CAN learn to choose.

Deborah Borgen