Founder’s Journey

Founder’s Journey is a mini-series about the path Deborah Borgen has taken to be able to live a good life.

Founders Journey - part 1: Near-death – a turning point

Near-death – a turning point

I usually say that my journey started in 1986. I was about to give birth to my third child, this time by Caesarean section. The anesthesia did not work as it should, and I experienced what many call a near-death experience. The experience was both frightening and fascinating, and in short terms, turned my life upside down.

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Founder's Journey - part 2: My trip to India

My trip to India

One of the first things I heard about in regard to developing spiritually, was journeys to India to meet a guru. It wasn’t possible for me to travel to India, so I decided to make my own journey to India within myself.

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Founders Journey - part 3: A recipe for life.

A recipe for life

I had already created the techniques found in the ConsciousnessTraining course, and the TV program gave me an opportunity to really put my techniques to the test.

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Creative brains are wired differently

From the very beginning of my journey, I have thought that we must stop complicating everything, while at the same time maintaining substance. Einstein’s quote “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler”, has followed me and become a motto for me.

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