Testimonial: Helps ADHD/ADD. Woman stretching in the nature.

“I recommend everyone with ADHD/ADD to take the course. You calm down, believe it or not!!”


Hi Deborah!

First I would like to thank you and your competent instructors from the bottom of my heart for all that you have given me through the courses. I have a new life.

Four years ago, as an adult, I was diagnosed with ADHD and ADD. It was a relief, as I then understood why I’ve always been so restless and have always had so very many thoughts in my head. Living with ADHD is “non-stop”! One gets to be indescribably tired of living with this for many years. After “hitting the wall” (and wanting to die) I received that diagnosis, and it was a relief. I was medicated, and that helped me a lot. However, medicine alone is not the solution, and I understood that I had to take hold of some things in my life if I was to be able to cope. I was by chance (!) tipped about the course. I took a course and have since repeated several times. I have the relaxation exercise on a CD and I use it daily. My mind quiets down and tension in my body disappears. FANTASTIC!! After the exercise I really feel that body and mind have recovered in a minimal amount of time (1/2 hour). During the day I’m an expert at gearing myself up. Then I do as I learned at the course: take a deep breath. This helps me to calm down again.

In addition to the relaxation exercise, I’m dependent upon getting enough exercise, living a regular schedule, eating healthy foods and making sure that I get enough sleep.

The courses and the tools we learn about at the course have strengthened me mentally so that I am able to do all this. After a while I’ve been able to reduce the dose of medicine, and the negative ADHD symptoms have been considerably reduced. I am consciously aware of my thought patterns, which helps me to focus on the positive aspects of having ADHD.

When I look back to the time between my first course and the present day, I see that great changes have taken place in me. I have slowly but surely built myself up again after having “hit the wall.” Others have commented that I now seem to be strong. I know that this is due to the mental training that the courses give, and that I practice every day. I still have some relapses, but then I fly at it again…..

Today many feel uneasy and restless even without ADHD. That’s not strange, since everything needs to happen at a crazy pace in this day and age. No matter where we go in our “civilized” society, we are continually bombarded by countless impressions, and demands for effectiveness have increased. The course, the tools one learns there and the relaxation exercise would be useful for everyone.

It has now been scientifically shown that there are changes in the brain after the course. I would like to mention some of the positive improvements that have happened for me.

Prejudice is reduced:

  • At my first course I looked around and observed the other participants. I had expected them to be different, that they would be floating around in purple clothes with crystal balls in their handbags. WRONG! They were completely normal people.
  • I used to be good at classifying people. I unconsciously put them in pigeon holes. (The strange thing is that I didn’t think I had such prejudices). After the courses I’ve taken I now have greater understanding of our interconnectedness. I no longer consider anyone to be less than me, or the opposite.

Negative thoughts:

  • The mental training from the course and exercises have made me a more positive person. When negative thoughts come along I am quick to discard them. I just don’t want to have negative thoughts any longer! If others talk negatively or criticize, it doesn’t affect me as much as it did earlier. It just bounces off again. Instead I turn the conversation to something positive.


  • Already after the first course I noticed that I no longer became angry so quickly. That was a relief for a barrel of dynamite like me. Now I almost never get angry anymore. Of course I voice my opinions, but I manage to do that with a normal tone of voice.

Material things:

  • Before the courses I was a master at shopping for clothes and things. I was in addition extremely busy changing and buying new things for my home. Always chasing around, and I was never satisfied. Now my desire to buy new things is considerably reduced. I save a lot of money and time, and most importantly, I am now satisfied.


  • Many with ADHD feel a need to intoxicate themselves. I am no exception. It feels like there is an emptiness inside that needs to be fed something or other. It can be nicotine, alcohol, narcotics or food. Medicines help, but they have side effects. After the course and exercises I’ve noticed that the emptiness inside me has gradually been considerably reduced, and therefore my need for intoxication has almost disappeared.


  • Having goals and working systematically towards them is emphasized at the course. I do this consciously every day.


I recommend everyone with ADHD/ADD to take the course. You calm down, believe it or not!! In addition there is a great chance that you will feel more joy, gain greater understanding, become more creative and that you will experience that things go your way. Your life flows more smoothly, and then as Deborah says, there are more “magical” moments in daily life!

Greetings from a happy ADHD-woman at her best age,