Many thanks for FANTASTIC course days :)

Testimonial: Many thanks for FANTASTIC course days.

Incredibly thrilling contents; you have really wonderful results to point out.

Deborah explained about Imaginary right in the beginning (unreal, etc), and I immediately thought of Imagine by John Lennon – and how we can imagine all kinds of fantastic things. I thought of that song every time she said imaginary (and that was quite a few times during those two days) – by then it had become a neural pathway.

So it seemed a little magical ✨ when she brought out that song at the end of the course.

Yesterday when we came home, I told my boys (7 and 8 years) about the iceberg, the creative zone, and that one can change things or wish for things there. We were going to try it out; the first one slept when we got to 6 and the other one slept by the time we got to 1. The fastest bedtime session ever.

Thanks for now – I’m looking forward to the continuation 🙂

Regards, Anne