A unique concept

Testimonial: A unique concept

“What strikes me when I tell others about the course is that it is so amazing, yes – a unique concept and it contains so much.”


Some thoughts and feedback from someone who has taken the course.

Do you want to be a better version of yourself, have a better daily life and at the same time be able to do a better job? This course has given me the tools to do just this. Yes, look forward to the course as this provides opportunity for development! Both at home and at work!

What strikes me when I tell others about the course is that it is so amazing, yes – a unique concept and it contains so much. The course has given me a boost and help to stay focused and see opportunities. It gives me inner and outer well-being and opportunities to master both my daily life and my job – all of me and everything I do every day. It’s fantastic and I’m not exaggerating!

The exercises are simple and seem like playing on the way to gaining understanding. It’s easy to get swept away dreaming during the exercises – it’s wonderful! One learns while playing at the same time! As an educator, I know that it makes learning easier – so again – enjoy yourself and enjoy this course.



I found that the course made me even more goal-oriented, that I really had an opportunity to become aware of what a goal is. Yes, I got to think about and gained more knowledge about goal setting and goal-oriented work. What is a goal? How to set goals? What goals are wise to set? And – how do I get there? Individual work while at a large course. It’s fantastic how Deborah did this, with good and safe feeling for most.



Do I want to change? How am I affected? The exercises and techniques have made me better able to see how I can develop, both in relation to myself and my relationships. Who can change me? What should I take personally? Many good angles, and the course’s simple techniques provide answers on how to move forward. Even on the steepest slopes, I get the strength to get to the top.



The course is a real “YES” course. This gives me more perspectives, and can turn situations around – so that I can have positive energy all the time – to be able to think about opportunities instead of limitations. Be able to make choices, and know that I can decide how I want to receive the things that come to me. The most incredible situations give me something positive, because I choose my thoughts and emotions.



The course provides increased peace of mind – where I am to think and close my eyes. It gives calmness and my thoughts flow, and I become more aware of my thoughts and feelings. What thought came now, hmmm… what is that telling me? It’s incredibly exciting to become more aware of oneself, even a little spooky too. I want to know myself, then I am a better person for myself and those around me. This has made me more honest about myself, and when cooperating with others. I notice that this helps, I think less often of “what if… and what does he and she think….”. I get to either do something about it, or consciously decide not to bother anymore. This allows me to concentrate more and care about what is most important in a deliberate way.



I’m on my journey, and new challenges are emerging in my life as well. Luckily! However, I do not like all challenges when they appear, but with the help of the techniques that are practiced well at the course – I find it is now easier to cope with these challenges.


Relationships are something I work on every day, and they are constantly changing. I also think that if I want to be good at something – then I must practice… Of course I will repeat the course and use what I have learned every day.


Hope you give yourself this course – you will notice a difference afterwards – in a good way!

Wishing you good luck with your choices
– and together, may we enjoy a better world and daily life!